Right of withdrawal

The purpose of Glicoitaly is to guarantee your complete satisfaction. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order, you can exert your right of withdrawal , without any penalty, within fourteen (14) days from the date in which you received the products purchased on our website. The products to give back must be sent back within 14 days from the date in which you announced the seller your decision.

Conditions for the change of made-to-measure products (all products that require filling in the "choose a size" personalized field).

Which, for information and not exhaustive: Ostomy swimming wrap, Ostomy Sea Line (men and women), Ostomy waist wrap shape Secret, Ostomy waist wrap Secret, Pouch Belt, Ostomy Elastic Bands, Pouch Cover, Ostomy Underwear, Ostomy containmet wraps and Children ostomy Line, Arm bands and all products that they are expressly packaged according to the customer's size.

You can return the purchased products, replacing them with the same item of different size, or replacing them with other items of your choice. You will not be able to obtain the partial or total refund of the relative price, but only the replacement, as they are all handmade items made to your size.

Conditions for the right of withdrawal The right of withdrawal means exerted properly when the following conditions are fully respected:

The products must not be used, worn,washed or damaged. The products must be returned into their original package ( if you’d like to return a kit, you must give back all items included inside it).

The returned items must be given to the courier or sent back within 14 days elapsing from the day you announced to the seller your decision to terminate the contract.

If you have respected all the required conditions , Glicoitaly will fully repay you the price of the products you bought, remaining at your expense only the costs of the return, unless Glicoitaly has expressly exonerated from those expenses. 

You will be contacted if your returned items can’t be accepted  because they are not compliant to the conditions explained before.In this case, you could choose  to have the products back at your expense. In case you refuse this ​consignment, Glicoitaly reserves you the right to keep the products and the corresponding amount at the purchase price of the products.

You will also be contacted by us in case your returned items cannot be accepted because they are not compliant to the conditions written above and in this case you could choose whether to accept the curtailment of the refund, which will be communicated to you , due to the decrease of the product value returned, that is to have back the products you have bought and the amount specified for the curtailment of the refund , due to the decrease of the returned  item value.

Time and method of repayment After Glicoitaly will have received your return items and checked if all requirements have been followed, you will receive the refund ,whatever your mode of payment is ( credit /debit card, cash payment at the delivery time), in the shortest time possible, within 14 days from the date in which you heard about your right of withdrawal, once it is verified the recess has been occured in respect of the conditions written above.

The effective time for the crediting and the refund of amounts you have paid  for the purchase of the products depends on the  method of payment made:   Purchase by credit/debit card: the time required to view the refund depends on the institution that issued your card. We remind you that given currency of the crediting is the same debit mode, so you will not suffer from any loss in terms of bank interest.

Purchase by Paypal: the refund will be done on your PayPal account and it will be immediately displayed .The actual  refund on your credit card on your Paypal account depends on the institution that issued the card.

In case of a gift, the refund of the sums will be done towards those who paid.

Change of products conditions In some specific cases, duly reported, in alternative to the right of withdrawal , you will have the possibility to change the products you bought with others, instead of getting a same price refund.  Your change of product request will be possible within these limits: You will have to ask for the change of one or more purchased products within and not later than 14 working days from the delivery  date. To be sent electronically to Glicoitaly within the Above-mentioned term . The changing products must be deliver to the courier within 14 days from the date you communicated your product changing decision to the seller.

You can make an only request of change for every purchased product. The products you want to change must be returned to Glicoitaly into the same original package , unused, without the right to accept any products of the same order, sent for changing, in other different times. If all the conditions written above will be followed correctly, Glicoitaly will take charge the same request of changing sending you an email of confirmation.

Time and mode of obtaining the change.

In case all  selected products for change will be available, Glicoitaly can accommodate your request of change and will proceed to send you a confirmation email about the change of products delivery. The consignment will be performed within 30 days  (thirty) days from the date Glicoitaly has received your changing request, after verifying that all procedures are made properly  as it is reported above. Shipping fees of the changed products will be paid by Glicoitaly.

You will be contacted in case your change request won’t be accepted due to  the unconformity with the conditions reported above. In this case you can choose to get your products back at your expenses. If you refuse this option, Glicoitaly reserves you the right to keep the products and we will keep the corresponding amount of the purchase price, that is the amount shown for the refund curtailment, due to the reduction of the returned product value.   The substitute product or products can be subject to subsequent return , pursuant to and within the limits and conditions explained above. The return of the product can be done by ​consignment or in another way, but you have to pay in person the payment of the item and it is your responsibility if a case of loss or damage of the product occurs during the delivery.

Consumer Code the present conditions for the right of withdrawal, being part of the Selling General Conditions, are governed by Italian law and in particular by  the Legislative Decree of 6th September 2005n.206, on the Consumer Code about Contracts Consumer Rights.