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What are Cookies?

Many websites store small amounts of information about your activity on those websites. These data are hold in a text file known as ‘Cookie’, memorized on your personal computer. In order to always guarantee the best internet browsing, our website offers the best service with enabled Cookies.

How to disable coockies: You can decide to disable Cookies during your browsing experience, limiting however the website full operation.

To disable, reject or block Cookies , it’s necessary to operate on the Settings or Configuration Section of your own browser. Below are the instructions for the most common types of browser.


Mozilla Firefox: Internet Explorer:



Google Analytics Coockies: This website uses “Google Analytics’.

It is a data web analysis instrument which allows the website’s owners to understand how visitors interact with their own website. Google Analytics’ s clients can visualize a series of dealings on how visitors use their website in order to improve and get better every time. Google Analytics holds users information in an anonymous way and records the website trends without identify every individual visitor. Google Analytics uses first party cookies to monitor users interaction. These Cookies are employed to memorize information,for example, the time of the current visit, previous visits from the same person or the website that has reported the webpage to the visitor. Browsers don’t share First Party Cookies between domains. For further information please consult the Privacy Section of Google Analytics. For more information about Google Privacy and Cookie Information: click here

How to disable coockies In order to offer visitors the best choice possibilities with modality data collection from Google Analytics, it has been developed an add-on component in the browser to disable Google Analytics. This add on component tells the JavaSript code of Google Analytics to indicate that all information about the visit on the website must not be sent to Google Analytics. For further information please have a look on Analytics Guide Section.

Disabling or blocking Cookies could compromise the accessibility of some parts of the website. Even with all disabled Cookies, your browser will continue to memorize a small amount of information.These information are necessary for the website basic functionality. AddThis, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube , Flickr and many other services can utilise useful Cookies to share contents on social network, or an elaboration of access statistics.

L’elenco che segue descrive nel dettaglio i cookie di terze parti utilizzati nel nostro sito. Abbiamo indicato chi mette questi cookie e a quale scopo.


cookie tecnico

durata sessione

cookie temporaneo che viene cancellato quando l'utente chiude il browser web 



Durata 3 mesi

Cookie tecnico

Questo cookie viene utilizzato da Facebook per verificare se l’utente accede a Facebook da diversi dispositivi e di tener traccia dell’utente nei siti che integrano Facebook. Vi invitiamo a visitare il sito per reperire informazioni sulle specifiche e conoscere le modalità per modificare le impostazioni.

_ga, _gat, _gid

Google Analytics

cookie tecnico

_ga durata 2 anni: fa parte del servizio di analisi e monitoraggio Google Analytics. Viene utilizzato per distinguere gli utenti.

_gat durata 10 minuti: viene utilizzato per bloccare il numero di richieste degli script di analisi in modo da considerare uniche le visite dell'utente.

_gid durata 24 ore: questo cookie è associato a Google Universal Analytics. Dovrebbe memorizzare e aggiornare un valore univoco per ogni pagina visitata.

The presence, the number, the status of these Cookies can depend on the utilization you do of these same networks. We invite you to consider the knowledge of social networks’ Cookies Management Policy on websites you are interested in.