Pouch Cover

The Pouch Cover, useful to offer you a sober, is colourful and discreet looking to your ostomy bag, giving you the maximum comfort against your skin. You can wear it anytime of the day. It's  provides a comfortable and easy opening to insert it, made with a special laser cut, in order to fit perfectly all types of baseplates.

The Pouch Cover are all handcrafted and made with particular attention to details; adaptable for all urology, colostomy and ileostomy bags.

  1. Ostomy Pouch Cover: Opened
  2. Ostomy Pouch Cover: Closed
  3. Pouch with Belt: Black
  1. 2
    Pouch Cover with Belt: Black
    from £33.92
  2. 3
    Pouch Cover with Belt: Beige
    from £33.92

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