Picc: Arm bands Picc

Picc Arm Protection Straps are designed to protect and conceal the Picc and catheter when not in use.

They are very soft and comfortable, so much so that you forget you are wearing them.

They are made of soft Lycra® and are equipped with 2 strips of Super Grip, an exclusive non-slip material, applied on the inside, to ensure that the band remains firm.

Our Protectiopicc bands guarantee discretion, comfort and protection.

The bands have a height of 20 cm and are manufactured in various sizes, to ensure maximum comfort.

Take the measurement of the arm circumference at the point where the Picc is placed and choose the corresponding size.

Made in Italy

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    Arm bands Picc: Beige
    from £22.16
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    Arm bands Picc: Black
    from £22.16