Glicoitaly: Ostomy Line, Diabetes Line Line Accessories

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    Ostomy Waist wrap - secret: Beige
    from £34.03
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    Kids Ostomy Wrap Easy: White
    from £32.29
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    Ostomy Swimming Wrap: Blue
    from £41.01
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    Ostomy Waist Secret Wrap: White
    from £34.03
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    Opened Ostomy Pouch Cover: White
    from £16.58
Glicoitaly: accessori per stomia e per il diabete

We create accessories to make the Ostomy bag more comfortable and discreet. All of our products are designed to enhance comfort with particular attention to aesthetic detail. They are specially made for colostomy, urostomy and ileostomy. We also produce a line of accessories to make the use of insulinpumps and CGM used by people with diabetes more comfortable and trendy. All the Diabetes Line Accessories are distributed on the web site