Ostomy Wrap for Swimshorts: Red

Ostomy Wrap for Swimshorts: Red
  • Ostomy Wrap for Swimshorts: Red
  • Ostomy Wrap for Swimshorts: Red
  • Ostomy Wrap for Swimshorts: Red
  • Ostomy Wrap for Swimshorts: Red
  • Ostomy Wrap for Swimshorts: Red

Ostomy Wrap for Swimshorts: Red

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Comfort: The Ostomy Swim Band is designed to protect and discreetly conceal your ostomy pouch when you're at the beach or pool. It can be comfortably worn all day long.

Design: Engineered to securely wrap around the abdomen without constricting, it perfectly adapts to the specific needs of each individual. It is suitable for all ostomies positioned on both the right and left sides. A model for two (2) stomas is also available.

Material: The ostomy swim band is made of soft and lightweight lycra (100% Made in Italy) to allow for quick drying; it conforms to the body without irritating the skin.

Pocket: The ostomy swim band comes with an internal pocket to hold the pouch (of any model). The pouch is inserted through a special laser-cut opening that also accommodates every wafer. At the top and bottom, the band has a fold-over for maximum discretion and security.

Usage: The ostomy swim band is designed as an aesthetic support and to protect the pouch and wafer from sand and saltwater. It is not suitable for active sports. It is recommended to wear it with boxer-style swimwear and to exercise caution while swimming. We recommend purchasing two swim bands to have a dry change after swimming. It is not waterproof.



80% Poliammide

20% Elastan

Altezza fascia cm. 25


1-    La fascia può essere indossata indifferentemente passando dai piedi o dalla testa

2-    La parte superiore è quella con il risvolto esterno, che deve essere a contatto con la pelle

3-    Il taglio a croce tramite il quale si inserisce la sacca deve essere posto in alto

4-    La parte inferiore è quella aperta (con il risvolto all'interno)

5-    La sacca va inserita facendola passare tramite il foro a croce

6-    Una volta inserita, la sacca può essere comodamente sistemata inserendo la mano sia dall'apertura inferiore, sia da quella superiore

7-    Si consiglia di inserire la sacca nella ripiegatura interna posta nella parte inferiore

Consigliamo di acquistare una seconda fascia in modo da avere un cambio asciutto.


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