Ostomy waterproof bands

The waterproof Ostomy Band allows you to shower, bathe and play in the water, without wetting the ostomy bag.

It is indicated for all types of ostomy, positioned both on the right and on the left.

It is a patented band of strong surgical latex, designed to be used over and over again.

It works with the principle of creating a vacuum. It is very simple to use: after putting it on and positioning the stoma bag in the housing provided, simply use the attached pump to release all the air. At that point the safety cap closes.

As long as the band is left under vacuum it is sealed and completely waterproof.

To remove it, simply open the cap, to let the air in and slightly lift the edges of the band.

Before purchasing it, we recommend that you carefully measure the circumference, which must be taken precisely and adherently, but not tightly.

For doubts we are available to help you!

We recommend that you read and follow the attached Instructions for Use.







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    Waterproof band for Ostomy

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