Intimate Ostomy Kids Underwear

These exclusive products combine a true ostomy wrap with a pair of slips, panties or intimate boxers to offer children a comfortable, practical, and easy solution to protect them daily and make their ostomy pocket discreet. They are suitable for all types of ostomies (colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy) and for ostomies positioned both on the right and on the left. They also have the bag covers combined with the belt, for a greater discretion and to make the bag prettier.

  1. Underwear Wrap for Boy
  2. Underwear Wrap for Girl

Top Sellers

  1. 1
    Ostomy Honeycomb Panties
    from £21.84
  2. 2
    Ostomy containment wrap: Black
    from £62.79
  3. 3
    Ostomy containment wrap: beige
    from £62.79
  4. 4
    Ostomy Ribbed Panties
    from £20.02
  5. 5
    Daily Ostomy Wrap: Black
    from £35.49